Nicki Minaj Speaks on Hip-Hop Embracing Homosexuality, Sexism, & Being a Role Model

Young Money artist Nicki Minaj is giving fans more glimpses of the woman behind the persona as she prepares for her anticipated debut album.In an interview with Details Magazine, Minaj said that while Hip-Hop has welcomed her as a bisexual female emcee, she believes the culture is still not ready to accept a bisexual or homosexual male rapper.“I think the world is getting more gay-friendly, so Hip-Hop is too,” she explained. “But it's harder to imagine an openly gay male rapper being embraced. People view gay men as having no street credibility. But I think we'll see one in my lifetime.”While acknowledging double standards regarding what content and images are considered acceptable from women, Minaj believes that sexism has also allowed her to cultivate a creative edge over many of her male counterparts.“I have a lot of freedom to be crazy. I can rap in a London accent, make weird faces, wear spandex, wigs, and black lipstick,” said Minaj. “I can be more creative than the average male rapper. And I can show my boobs. Guys can't do that.”Recognizing Hip-Hop has become an image-driven art form, Minaj wants to entertain but is conscious of her previous overtly sexual images due to younger fans. Still, she maintains there must be a balance and she cannot deceive her core audience with propaganda.“I look at rap as an opportunity to act. My head is full of different characters; in each song I'm auditioning a character,” she explained. “I'm a role model now. I didn't know I was gonna have 13-year-old fans, so I've tried to change a few things here and there. But I also know that the girls don't want me to be Miley Cyrus, either.”Nicki Minaj’s yet to be titled debut album is tentatively scheduled for a summer release.