Nicki Minaj Sued By Stylist Over Unpaid Work And Nasty Emails

A stylist was hired for $1,500 a day & not paid a dime.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Careful when you’re around Nicki Minaj, even if you’re hired to dress her.

Allegedly, the Queen Barbie brought on a woman named Cristina Acevedo to help her with her outfit for almost a month as she toured from coast to coast in the States — but never paid her.

The Blast reports Acevedo was hired in 2017 to style the Queens rapper at a rate of $1,500 per day, and worked tirelessly over 10 hours a day to make sure she was always on point.

She claims at the end of the trip, she wasn’t paid a single penny.

Originally, Cristina felt she was the perfect fit due to her love for colorful wigs and outlandish, colorful outfits.

She also claims Nicki sent an email that read “No one is paying you $36K. Send an email with some sense or don’t send any others. This isn’t your get rich quick scheme,” with a “girl, goodbye” at the end.

Apparently, she’s owed approximately $43K.

Dang Nicki, how you gon’ do her like that?

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debt since 2017.. Barbz management should do something about it..