Nipsey Hussle Could Face Battery Charges For Slapping BET Security

Nipsey Hussle could be in some trouble after he smack the crap out of a security guard during the BET Awards.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Nipsey Hussle could find himself in some legal trouble after this weekend's BET Awards.

Nipsey and a security guard were involved in a brief tussle with BET security, as they attempted to enter the Microsoft Theater.

Apparently, Nipsey and his security guard stepped out their SUV and removed some cones, so they could travel through a restricted area.

The security guard attempted to swat a cone out of the hand of an associate of Nipsey Hussle's and that's when the rap star unloaded a vicious smack to the the man's face.

According to reports, Nipsey was late for a rehearsal for his performance with YG.

According to the LAPD, Nipsey is being investigated as a suspect and could be charged with battery after an investigation is completed.

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If that goose security officer hadn't aggressively slapped that cone out of his hands, he wouldn't have copped one of the greatest slaps of 2018, hahahaha!