Nipsey Hussle Encouraged Game To End His Feud With Meek Mill

The West coast M.C.'s had an exchange of words over Game's beef Meek Mill.

(AllHipHop News) The Game was inspired to end his rap feud with Meek Mill after a heart-to-heart chat with late star Nipsey Hussle.

eGame fell out with the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native in 2016 following comments he made about singer Sean Kingston's jewelry robbery that summer, and they began trading shots on songs like The Game's "92 Bars" and "Meek's OOOUUU (Remix)."

During the height of the lyrical clash, Nipsey Hussle reached out to The Game to explain that Meek wanted nothing more than to move on from the petty dispute.

However, The Game wasn't initially interested in what his fellow rapper and community activist Hussle had to say, until after Meek had served time behind bars following a probation violation.

Recalling the chat in a post on Instagram Game wrote, "I got mad at you when you called me about the @meekmill beef trying to squash it & I told you 'stop ridin for these n##gas, this the West' !!!

"& you told me 'you gone do what you wanna do... & I'm always with you but that's the bro I'm telling you, I talked to Meek & he ready to let it go'. I didn't listen, so the beef lingered & then Meek got locked up & I remember feeling really bad about that."

Meek walked free from prison in April 2018, and that's when he and The Game finally cleared the air.

"Then he (Meek) got outta jail & in the midst of everything he was going through that day, he called me & said he'd been thinking about me in jail & one of the 1st things he wanted to do when he got out was put our differences aside," The Game continued. "So we did."

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