Nipsey Hussle's Family Planning For Massive Funeral In Los Angeles

The rap star will be laid to rest next week in his hometown of L.A.

(AllHipHop News) Nipsey Hussle's family has revealed plans for the rap star's official funeral.

For the last few days, Nipsey's family had been seeking a venue large enough to accommodate the number of relatives, friends, and fans who are expected to attend.

His family has confirmed services for Nipsey will take place at The Staples Center this Thursday.

The Staples Center, which also serves as the venue for Michael Jackson's public memorial in July of 2009, holds over 21,000 people.

According to reports Nipsey's family is planning on selling tickets to the funeral, so his fans can attend.

A variety of superstars and athletes are expected to attend the ceremony for Nipsey, who was shot and killed outside of his Marathon clothing store in Los Angeles on March 31st.

Police say the rap star was gunned down after a petty argument with a local named Eric Holder.

Eric Holder, 29, spent two days on the lam before he turned himself into authorities when he was busted outside of a mental facility in Bellflower, California.

Holder has pleaded not guilty and is being represented by Christopher Darden.

Meanwhile, vigils for Nipsey Hussle have taken place all over the world.

Last night, a number of Los Angeles gangs united for a peace walk to Nipsey's store, while candlelight memorials took place in cities like Houston, New York, Los Angeles, St Louis, San Diego, Fresno, and Wilmington, Delaware.

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Sorry grandma Hussle, although I respect your stance on forgiveness, some things just can’t be forgiven. Nipseys murder was senseless and evil. I may be contradicting myself because of the way I feel, but this dude deserves no prayer, whatever evil happens to him he has more than earned it for himself. Nal, grandma hussle, forgiveness is irrelevant in this situation. Condolences


He deserves it... May his soul continue to rest in peace