Nipsey Hussle Was Supposed To Meet Top LAPD Officials To Help Stop Gun Violence

AllHipHop Staff

The rapper was trying to do some good for his local community just before he was gunned down.

(AllHipHop News) Los Angeles rap star Nipsey Hussle was more than just a rap star and entrepreneur.

He was also community activist who was very involved and engaged in working with politicians to make his neighborhood a better place.

Tragically, Nipsey was shot and killed in front of his Marathon Clothing Store, in what police described as a gang-related shooting.

It's ironic, because Nipsey was supposed to meet with the LAPD today (April 1) to discuss how he could stop the gun violence plaguing the city.

According to Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff, he was going to sit down with Nipsey “to talk about ways he could help stop gang violence and help us help kids,"

Instead, cops are hunting for the two suspects who murdered Nipsey, born Ermias Asghemdom.