No Assault Charges Against Rapper Eminem

The man who was

allegedly assaulted by superstar rapper Eminem in a Detroit strip club will not

press charges, according to reports.Police

said the man allegedly assaulted, identified in reports as Miad J., accused the

rapper of punching him several times in the bathroom of The Cheetah's strip club

early Thursday (July 13) morning on Detroit's 8 Mile Road.Miad

J. claimed that the rapper was using the bathroom when a man started talking to

Eminem, prompting of his bodyguards to tell the man to be quiet."I

said 'the guys not saying nothing, he's just talking to him, he's not saying anything,'"

Miad told reporters shortly after the incident. "Eminem got done and boom.

He started swinging. I wasn't even expecting it. I was just minding my own business,

taking a leak."According

to reports, Detroit Police Department officials do not know why Miad J. did not

press charges.