No Bond For DMX, Rapper Could Be Jailed Until October

Legal drama for rapper DMX continues to unfold as the entertainer sits in a Florida jail under a no bail hold status. reports that DMX, born Earl Simmons, appeared in court on Friday (August 15) after a bench warrant was issued against him in Arizona for drug charges.

The rapper was arrested Thursday (August 14) while attempting to leave a Wal-Mart in Miami, Fla.

The arrest came as result of Simmons skipping a court date on Tuesday (August 12) for a pretrial conference on allegations of marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession.

The rapper had reportedly tried to surrender to police, but was taken in before negations with his lawyer were completed.

Simmons’ lawyer, Brad Cohen, waived extradition for his client and contested a no bond hold, after a $25,000 bond had previously set for Simmons.

Despite Cohen's attempt to get a fugitive bond in the state of Florida for Simmons to return to Arizona to bond out, Judge Lawrence Schwartz upheld the no bond status, which was issued by the State of Arizona. 

"I am not questioning the veracity of anything you just said to me. I would absolutely have no reason to do that," Judge Schwartz said. "But until state of Arizona lifts its no bond status, it’s a no bond status at this point."

As a result of the ruling, Simmons will have to stay in jail in Florida until his October 2 court hearing for a possession charge he obtained in Miami.

Cohen later told TMZ he would have the rapper released before the hearing if everything is straightened out.