No Charges Against Boosie's Brother Over $360,000 Bank Fraud

Boosie's brother caught a break and will not face any criminal charges for allegedly jacking his own brother.

(AllHipHop News) The brother of rap star Boosie will not face any chronic charges for draining his famous Brothers bank account.

The ordeal started for Boosie in July, when he learned his brother drained his bank account, making off with over $361,000 from his Capital One account.

Taquari Hatch was accused of posing as Lil Boosie and wiring money to associates, who would then fork over the cash.

An investigation was triggered when Boosie’s brother Taquari falsely stated that he had a wife, making the bank reps suspicious, as they were attempting to verify information about the "real" Boosie.

So far, there’s no reason as to why the charges have been dismissed, but Boosie’s brother is free and clear of any criminal charges.

Taquari has maintained his innocence from the beginning.

“We see how social media trial plays out all the time," Taquari said shortly after the incident in a statement online. "But all the trolls – that don’t bother me. There’s no peace of mind like knowing you’re innocent. You can’t buy that, nobody can hook you up with that, your influence can’t hook you up with that.”

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He still needs to beat the brakes off his brother; and secondly he needs to handle his own money!