No Joke: Comedian/Rapper Boonk Gang Caught With Assault Rifles

AllHipHop Staff

Boonk is known for his wild pranks, but his arrest for flashing guns on social media is very real.

(AllHipHop News) Comedian/rapper Boonk Gang has been arrested in Calabasas, California, after being caught with a huge cache of guns.

Boonk, born John Robert Hill, was caught with illegal assault weapons, as well as narcotics.

Police investigated the comedian after he posted himself brandishing firearms on his Facebook page last month.

Investigators obtained a search warrant and raided his house, where the found assault rifles matching the weapons he brandished on his page.

Boonk was arrested and released after he posted $36,000 bail.

He immediately went to Twitter and posted a video wearing an LA County Jail shirt, while thanking officers for his new clothing.

Boonk rose to fame on social media thanks to his wild pranks, which have resulted in his arrest on multiple occasions, including one for a stunt inside a Dunkin Donuts.

The video was deleted and replaced with a message to the police:
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Lock this clown up. Doubt he has a bright future contributing to society


I can't believe they labeled him as a comedian, lol


Ita illegal to own guns if you black?