No Passes: Soulja Boy, Dorrough, Drake, America

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Soulja Boy Denies Doing Coke...Still No Pass!

Soulja Boy has denied that he's a coke head, hoe-hitting swag boy. Nevermind the COKE that seemed to be sitting there in plain sight. SMH. On Twitter, he said, “God knows I didn't do that. That's all that matters, you are nothing but humans. Pow.” Well, apparently not since he took time to deny it. EH! I mean, the fact is he shouldn't be anywhere near anybody named Kat Stacks. What is up with these rappers? Even Fabolous agrees with me. On Twitter, Fabolous said: “Lettin Kat Stacks in ur hotel room alone is #StupidBoySwag.. *All u rappers pay attention, that right there is called #StupidBoySwag* AYYYY. Stacks on deck, Kat Stacks on bed, Camera on record, Coke on dresser... #StupidBoySwag." So, if Soulja Boy didn't do the coke, he did something with Kat Stacks and for passes allowed! - illseed

Dorrough's Sex Tape "Scandal"

I got a very convenient tip from an insider that informed me that Dorrough, the rapper from Texas, best known for the paint of his car, had a sex tape on the way. Granted, nobody wants to see a Dorrough sex tape unless it co-stars Halle Berry, Meagan Goode or somebody else...even Kat Stacks or Montana Fishburne. The point is, there better be a bad, bad, superbad chick in it and almost no Dorrough in it. But, that isn't the point. After getting the tip, I wrote a rumor on it. Before the hour was up (it seems) Dorrough already had a response on in a news story! Furthermore, he dropped a single on that very day. Now, a word to the PR/marketing/record label teams. If you are going to create a scandal or have an "angle," give that thing some time to breath and fester in the mouths and minds of the public! The readers on AHH were like, "Really? Another publicity stunt." On tope of it all, shame on us for getting caught up in that one!

- illseed

This may apply to a number of celebs like, but this was was the most brazen and clear thus far.

Drake: Please Stop This Singing Thing!

I know at bare minimum Drake is a Triple Threat (singer, actor, rapper), but got damn son! Slow down, ya killin' yaself! Drake has always infused his singing in his music with mixed results. At times it adds and other times subtracts. But, so far it has been tolerable. I think right now, it is too soon for Drizzy to be dropping an R&B album/mixtape effort! For one, I don't know if he can hold that down vocally, but secondly, in my opinion, Drake needs to shore up his base more. The girls will be there! They love this dude with or without the singing. He's only got one full album under his belt, but maybe he's counting mixtapes and features too. Sure, he made $10 million last year so that is highly indicative of a man that know what's best...but.. - Houston Williams

America: Come On!

I have not contributed to AllHipHop in a minute, but when I heard about this 911 / Mosque situation, I had to volunteer my services even though the topic doesn't speak on a rapper or singer. Are we seriously going to spend all our time and airspace on this foolishness? Meanwhile, we are coming out of Iraq the same time soldiers are dying in Afghanistan? This is very simple. We have freedom of religion in America. Now, if we are going to in some twisted way attempt to connect all Muslims and the religion of Islam to September 11, then we need to connect Christianity to terrorists like the KKK, right? America, wake up or die slow. Next up, they will tell you YOUR religious beliefs are wrong. -Remmie Fresh