No Passes: The T.I. Edition

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I was just talking about the homey T.I. I was specifically talking about this:

Since Tip got out of jail, he’s been smiling a lot. I’d look at every post-arrest interview, every photo, every appearance and T.I. was showing all his teeth. I thought to myself, “T.I.’s about to get that Hollywood money. Forget Hip-Hop money. He’s about to soar now that he’s been through the storm. He’s got his kids. He’s got his wife. He’s got a new movie with ‘Takers.’ Last but not least, he’s even got a new album on the way. All the stars are in alignment.”

Then I woke up this morning to the headline: “T.i., Tiny Arrested For Drug Possession in Hollywood”

The whole world is rooting for T.I. at this time, but he now faces felony possession charges. Contrast that with a 3-year probation and you have quite a problem. The Hip-Hop Nation will wonder how he got out of this quandary if he is able to actually wriggle out of it. And , wriggling out of legal issues seems to be something T.I. is very good at. Still, weed and other matters that the music game indulges in don’t fit in the very square world of P.O.s and judges.

As far as the pass revocation, the verdict is formally out. Tip hasn’t been convicted of anything. Still, I would have assumed he wouldn’t do a right on red if he thought it would get him a ticket since his situation is so delicate. I didn’t expect to hear of T.I. jaywalking, because there may be a tiny clause in his probation terms that he meticulously scanned. I thought he’d at LEAST limit any use of marijuana to the confines of his home and have it brought to him by Young Dro or Pookie, even if it wasn’t his weed. Oh well. I'm disappointed.

Best of luck, yall.