No Passes: Twitter Beef, Jay-Z & Willow Smith, and Ameriie

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Twitter Beef: RAPPERS STOP IT!

By Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur

In the not-so-distant past, I wrote a story called “Twitter Will End Your Music Career” and it was a winner. To this day, the story gets re-tweeted all over the internet. I was just about to write a sequel to it that tied into another piece called “Hate Is The New Love” when a TWITTER WAR BROKE OUT between Fabolous and Soulja Boy. I was watching the tweet and seeing what people were saying. Most were just disgusted and others just felt it was a pure play for press. One thing is for sure, when DJ Clue had to mediate “peace” between the two men, I was done. Both Fab and SB have their place in the music game, but this is beneath them and others. This was treated like it was about to be Biggie and Pac all over again. Really? All the “wolf tickets” being sold was ridiculous. There is a saying that with power comes responsibility. Be nice to see artist harness and utilize theirs in more beneficial ways that excites fans, not sickens them. PS: The media didn’t have anything to do with this outbreak.

Here is “Twitter Will End Your Music Career” for your reading pleasure

and hit me at @chuckcreekmur and tell me what you think about it. No Twitter beefin' - I promise. Ameriie Goes Blonde


By Mike Winslow, AHH News Reporter

Amerie or Ameriie is a tremendously talented singer. Fashionista…not so

much. She was granted a pass when she added that useless “i” in her

name, but this is going too far. “I’ve always wanted to go platinum

blonde, and I figured I’d finally just do it,” Ameriie told

Never go blonde again and please put out some music.

Still pretty, but...come on!Jay-Z And Willow: NO PASSES!

By illseed

Awwww, Jay! I gotta get at you over this Willow Smith signing! How are you going to sign the artist that will eventually destroy your own protégée Rihanna? LMAO!!!! I have to say that this is a good one! But, there is no hate, Willow is new and Rihanna has crossed the burning sands into freakin’ Illuminati rumors. In all seriousness, Willow looks and sounds like a lil’ Rihanna and that just means she’s going to be a huge star. But she has the same stylist as Big Ri Ri! HA! The Illuminati rumors won’t set in for another decade! Here is her new song “Whip My Hair.”

By the way...if you are over the age of 15 and hating on Willow, you need to get back on the short bus and get checked out. Here is the news story with comments by Jay-Z and Poppa Will Smith.