No Truth To Nas Assault Rumors

Rumors floating around that Queensbridge rapper Nas was assaulted are false, according to Nas' spokesman.A radio station in Washington, D.C. reported that Nas was assaulted in Cincinnati, Ohio and was in the hospital."Nas isn't even in Cincinnati," Nas' spokesman Tony Ferguson told "There is no truth to that rumor, he's recording his new album."The highly anticipated follow up to his 2002 album God's Son will be titled Street's Disciple, which will be a double CD slated for a July release.In the meantime, Nas is preparing to drop a 10th anniversary album and DVD celebrating his classic album, Illmatic on March 30.Illmatic Platinum Series is a remastered version of the album, along with a second disc that features several remixes along with unreleased studio material.The same day, Columbia will release Nas' "Video Anthology Vol. 1" which features various videos the rapper has completed over the years, as well as commentary for each video.