Non Hip-Hop Rumor: Alicia Keys Wants People To Stop Calling Her A "Homewrecker"

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Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz have been married for two years and have an adorable son together, but some people can't get past the allegations that these two hooked up while Swizzy was still married. Both Swizz and Alicia have denied these claims, but the unfortunate fact is that these two did, in fact, begin dating while Swizz was legally still married... although he claims to have been separated from his wife, R&B singer Mashonda, at the time.

Alicia Keys and Swizz beatz

In a new interview with Jet magazine, Alicia says that she is tired of fighting claims that are "not true," and she takes the time to clarify the public perception of their union. Check out what she said below:

[They] were apart for some time before we ever got together…that doesn’t matter to those who take pleasure in trying to knock others down…there’s no need to fight what’s not true…

Alicia Keys

I'm not sure how these two even connected, but every time I see a photo of them together, they look really, really happy. They seem to complete each other, and they sure do make some great music together. Alicia says they "live in each other's shadow," but in a good way.

I’d never met a person where I could be fully myself…Swizz and I live in each other’s shadow. So we can occupy the same space and there is nothing but equality. There’s something really powerful about that.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

It seems like Alicia and Mashonda have gotten past their issues with each other as well, for the good of the entire family.... Swizz has a son with Mashonda, too. Good for them!

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