Non Hip-Hop Rumor: Did D'Angelo Chop Down Madonna?

Singer D’Angelo is on the comeback trail, and has sat down for a revealing interview with GQ, the singer's first interview in 13 years. D'Angelo was thrown into the spotlight back in 1995, when he released his platinum selling album, "Brown Sugar". He soon turned into a full fledged sex symbol and the leader of the neo-soul genre of music when he released his single, "Untitled (How Does It Feel)".


In the interview with GQ, D'Angelo recalls an encounter with pop star Madonna that could have ended up in the bedroom. Did D'Angelo take the bait and get in the sack with her? Check out what he told the magazine below:

When Madonna turned 39, she asked him to sing “Happy Birthday” at her party. One press report had her sitting on his lap and French-kissing him. In fact, two sources say that ultimately D rebuffed her advances at another gathering not long after. At that event, the sources say, Madonna walked over and told a woman sitting next to D, “I think you’re in my seat.” The woman got up. Madonna sat down and told him, “I’d like to know what you’re thinking.” To which D replied, “I’m thinking you’re rude.”

Ha! He is probably one of only a few men who turned Madonna down. You can check out D'Angelo's full interview with GQ here.