Non Hip-Hop Rumor: Did Janet Jackson Get Into A Scuffle With Michael's Daughter Paris?

AllHipHop Staff

Poor Michael Jackson must be turning over in his grave right now. Rumor has it that his entire family, including his favorite sister Janet, is at war with his children over his will. According to his will, Michael has left all of his money and property to his three children, Paris, Blanket and Prince, and has left nothing to his family.

Michael Jackson's Funeral

Michael's siblings are none too happy with being left out of his will, and don't believe that their brother would have purposely left them out. They are currently fighting the conservators of the will and are claiming that it was forged. Things took a turn for the worse earlier this week when rumors were swirling that Michael's mother and the legal guardian for his children, Katherine Jackson, had gone missing. The rumors were intensified when Paris Jackson confirmed the rumors over twitter.

Michael Jackson's kids

Janet Jackson was caught on camera trying to take Paris' cell phone away from her after asking her not to tweet anymore of the family's personal business. Paris asked Janet Jackson to leave the home that their father legally left to them, and Janet was having none of that.

Check out how the UK Daily is reporting the incident below:

Janet and Paris Jackson

The photo above shows the extraordinary moment Janet Jackson is believed to have slapped her niece Paris and called her a 'spoiled little b****' during an attempt to 'ambush' Michael Jackson's three children.

Police were called as the singer, along with brothers Randy and Jermaine, stormed the children's house as the feud between the warring clan erupted into open warfare on Monday.

When Janet allegedly screamed abuse at Paris the 14-year-old responded with a slap of her own, a source told TMZ, telling her aunt: 'This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f*** out!"

The argument then moved inside with Jermaine and Randy allegedly getting into a physical altercation with Trent Jackson, Joe Jackson's nephew who has sided with his young cousins.

At one point, Trent allegedly had Randy in a headlock; he is also accused of punching Jermaine in the mouth.

No arrests were made, but officials say there is an active battery investigation.

Crazy! According to reports, there is a $1 Billion fortune at stake. I hope they can all work out their differences for Michael's sake.