Non Hip-Hop Rumor: Did Vince Young Really Blow His Millions on a "Cheesecake Factory" Addiction?

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Just six short years ago, in 2006, All-Pro quarterback Vince Young signed a $26 million, guaranteed NFL contract. Unfortunately, due to his addiction to fast food - and the "betrayal" of an advisor - Young is broke.

The former quarterback has recently come on hard times, and has admitted that he is dead broke and in need of a job. “Yes I need a job, who doesn't?” Vince recently posted on twitter. “Yes I want to be out there playing the game I love and earning a paycheck, who wouldn't?”

Vince Young

Sports journalist Clay Travis put Young on blast recently via his radio show on Nashville's WGFX 104.5. Travis revealed that Young spent millions on his addiction to fast food spots and other restaurants, including The Cheesecake Factory and T.G.I. Friday's. Several bartenders from those restaurants called into the show and claimed that Young was a regular at the food joints, and would often take his teammates out to dinner after games and pick up the entire tab.


According to Hip Hop Wired, Young also purchased all but 10 seats on a 2007 Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville to Houston, and after each home football game, he would head to Morton's Steakhouse in the city's downtown area, and throw back $600 shots of Louis XIII.

He's also blasted much of what is being reported as “disheartening" and “untrue,” vowing to rectify his “unfortunate financial losses.”


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