Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Did A Man Commit Suicide Because Of Obama's Re-Election?

AllHipHop Staff

I know some people in America didn't want to see Obama re-elected, but this is just extreme. According to several news reports, 64-year-old Henry Hamilton committed suicide because of President Obama being re-elected. The man owned a tanning salon and promised his friends that he "wouldn't be around" if Obama won the election.

Hamilton was found on November 8, dead from an apparent overdose. The man was allegedly a schizophrenic, and police found bottles of the prescription medications Xanax and Seroquel by his side, along with his will which had the words "F*ck Obama" written on it.

I heard about people moving out of the country if a President they don't support gets into office, but are people really committing suicide over it? Crazy.

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