Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Halle Berry's Fiance Threaten To Kill Her Ex?

Halle Berry is in the middle of a total nightmare right now. On Thanksgiving day last week, her fiance, actor Olivier Martinez and her daughter's father, Gabriel Aubry, got into a huge fight in front of her house which sent both men to the hospital.

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Olivier is rumored to have suffered a broken hand, but Gabriel suffered the worst of it and allegedly was treated for broken ribs and two black eyes. TMZ just scored his mug shot after he was released from the hospital and Gabriel looks like he got hit by a truck. Check out the photo below:

Gabriel Aubry

Gabriel has filled a restraining order against Olivier and claims that he threatened to kill him and has been harassing him for a while now. In his restraining order request, Gabriel says that Olivier is bitter because Halle has spent $3 million on their custody battle over Nahla. Olivier is also upset about not being able to move Halle and Nahla to France and because of the $20K a month Gabriele gets from Halle for child support. Wow! He's another K-Fed...who knew?!

In a recent interview, Olivier revealed that he is the son of a boxing family and has a mean left hook. Obviously he knows how to scrap.

Gabriel Aubry

Damn, homie!! You got knocked the f*ck out!

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