Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Janet Jackson Broke?

AllHipHop Staff

News broke today that Michael Jackson's estate has put in a request to pay a portion of Janet Jackson's mortgage on her Las Vegas condo. So is Janet Jackson broke or what? Sources have confirmed to TMZ that Katherine Jackson is claiming that she stays at the condo and wants the estate to pay a pro-rate share of Janet's mortgage. There sounds like there's some funny business going on with Michael's money. But not sure if this means that Janet is broke or not. She's had a more than 30-year career for Pete's sake!

Janet Jackson and Paris Jackson

Janet's image has taken a huge hit lately. Just a few weeks ago, she was accused of allegedly conspiring with her brothers and sisters to "kidnap" their mother, Katherine. Around the same time, Janet was also accused of being an evil aunt by Michael's daughter, Paris Jackson, and was seen on video snatching the cell phone out of the little girl's hand.

What's going on with Janet Jackson?

Sidenote - I'm sure Jermaine Dupri has tons of insight on that. J.D., holla at us!

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