Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Mike Epps Goes Wild! Shots Fired?

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Comedian Mike Epps was celebrating his birthday at a nightclub in Hollywood earlier this week, when he got into a fight with an unidentified man near the dance floor. The man had allegedly been heckling Epps all night long, who was partying in the V.I.P. section with a few of his close friends. According to TMZ, Epps went outside to get some air when he and the heckler crossed paths. The man continued to berate Epps; when the comedian finally had enough, he charged him. A huge melee broke out with drinks flying everywhere, and Epps' security sprung into action and pulled Epps away from the fight and back into his V.I.P. section.


In the middle of the melee, the police were called, and someone reported that they heard gunshots in the club, allegedly from either Epps or the bozo who was bothering him. The LAPD shut the club down and kicked everyone out. Fortunately, they didn't find any shell casings, and so far no charges have been pressed on Epps or the heckler.

TMZ got a hold of the surveillance footage from the nightclub, which shows Epps charge after the man - but no gun was shown. Check out the grainy footage below to see Mike whooping the heckler's *ss.

<iframe id="kaltura_player_1353512989" style="border: 0px solid #ffffff;" src="" height="360" width="640"></iframe>

Mike Epps Club Brawl -- Security Footage Shows Comic Charging Heckler
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Hopefully that teaches the hecker a lesson not to mess with Mike Epps! His back smack is no joking matter!

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