Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Stacy Dash Is Totally "Clueless" - Endorses Mitt Romney

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Stacy Dash played a dim wit in the movie Clueless back in the 90's, but who would have thought that homegirl was really "clueless" in real life?! The actress, who has been engaged six times and married three times - (yeah I said it!) - has crushed hearts all over America by tweeting that Republican candidate Mitt Romney was "the only choice for your future." Is she serious?!

Stacy Dash

Check out her tweet below:

Stacy Dash

I guess this is one chick with all beauty and no brains. Oh and by the way, this is solely my opinion and not the opinion of - I'm my own entity, ya heard!!! Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person in America who feels this way. Twitter caught wreck on Stacey Dash and went in on her hard!!! Check out some tweets directed at Dash below:

Tweets at Stacy Dash

Do you think Stacy is doing this for publicity, like Nicki Minaj tried to do a few weeks ago?

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Who knows what's going through her mind? But I'll tell you one thing - if she thinks the President is going to respond to her, she has a better chance at a Clueless part II movie getting green lit. Go sit your sexy *ss down somewhere, Stacy Dash!

Stacy Dash

Spotted at Rhymes With Snitch

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