Nonprofit Director Benefiting From Jay-Z & The NFL Denies She's Racist

The director of the Crushers Club is under fire for cutting off African-American men's dreadlocks.

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z's partnership with the NFL is off to a rough start.

Earlier this week, Jay announced that the new "Inspire Change" initiative with the NFL would benefit two charities.

Roc Nation and the NFL earmarked over $400,000 to two organizations, the Crushers Club and Better Boys Foundation Family Services.

But the participation of the Crushers Club in Chicago raised more than a few eyebrows when the director of came under fire for racism.

Users began to circulate old social media posts posted by the non-profit's founder Sally Hazelgrove taken in October of 2016.

The photos featured Hazelgrove gleefully cutting off the dreadlocks of African American men who needed a "better life."

Sally Hazelgrove just issued a statement acknowledging that the posts were real.

Even though the students requested that she cut off their hair, Hazelgrove has apologized for the pictures after a storm of criticism.

"This was something they asked me to do because they were looking to change their identities," said Hazelgrove, who has two biracial children.

"It was not meant to be insensitive," she added, noting that she had biracial children.

While Jay-Z, the NFL or Roc Nation has yet to comment on the matter, the flub out of the gate has raised questions as to how effective the partnership will be.

Some fans roasted Roc Nation and the NFL for not having a better vetting process, while others still defended the partnership, including a young man named Kobe Richardson, who credited the Crushers Club with saving his life.

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Yeah fuck what she's doing for those kids and that community. Let's shit on her cause she's cutting there hair like they asked her too. Forget she's been over there for over 10 years in Englewood, was shunned by her family for moving there to help and employs black men only from the city to help change these kids lives and give them a skill and a place to escape their bad situations. She's cutting hair. Cancel her. Smh.


Pac was right about this sellout ass camel