Nore Concert Deaded Due To Perceived Threat Of Violence

An Atlantic City, NJ concert, which was supposed to feature Nore, Styles and Khia cancelled, because police feared that the venue would breakout with gang violence.

Atlantic City police told the managers at Sandcastle Stadium that Nore in particular could possibly attract a gang element. Police allege the frontmant of Capone-N-Noreaga was closely affiliated with the Bloods gang and a possible party to violence at a New Jersey concert where 11 people were shot or stabbed and another killed.

Outspoken members in the African American community claim that the police are racist and wouldn’t halt the show if it was a rock or other such non-hip-hop event. Still the owners said that he the concern is safety for their concertgoers, not racism.

"Whatever it might be, if there was a report that it was an absolute, almost certainty there would be violence, I wouldn't have it here," Sandcastle Stadium manager Mario Perrucci said to MSNBC.

At press time, the organizers of the concert said that they had receive no formal paperwork indicating the concert was cancelled and would proceed as planned. They did admit, in published reports, that if the concert was cancelled they would settle it with a lawyer, as they have invested considerable funds.