Nore Talks About 'Def Jam Fight For NY'

With the inking drying

on his new deal with Roc-A-Fella Records and a new album on the way, Noreaga is

one of the 40 Hip-Hop stars to be featured on Def Jam’s upcoming video game,

“Fight for NY.”

“This game

is making Hip-Hop bigger,” Nore told “Hip-Hop and

video games go together.”

Fight for NY was

inspired by various gang movies from the 1980’s and the actual streets

of New York, right up the Queens native's alley.

“I like the

dirty fight,” Noreaga continued. “If you’re not playing a

video game you listen to Hip-Hop, or while you’re playing the video game

you listen to hip pop. So why not video games that already got Hip-Hop on it?

You can save electricity.”

“The real

inspiration came from exploring the streets of New York in person, filming and

taking photographs,” art director Daryl Anselmo said. “The celebrity

artists had a lot of crazy ideas too, so we’re always collaborating and

making sure that they each get their important signature looks and moves in

the game.”

Gamers can pick

their favorite artists and then choose from five different fighting styles:

wrestling, martial arts, street fighting, kickboxing and submission fighting.

In order to win

control of the streets, which is the ultimate goal of the game, a player must

win more than 90 fights in 20-plus venues.

Users can even

build their own fighter and adorn him with tattoos, gear and even custom ice

courtesy of Jacob the Jeweler.

Def Jam Fight for

NY hits stores on September 20, 2004 and features Ice-T, Fat Joe, Lil Kim, Busta

Rhymes, Sean Paul, Flavor Flav and a host of others.