Noreaga Announces $5000 September Diet Plan

AllHipHop Staff

This month, rapper Noreaga will take his quest to become healthy one step further, as part of his own “100 Miles & Running” challenge.

The Queens emcee has laid out an ambitious workout regimen that will require him to run 100 miles over the full month of September.

His efforts will be chronicled weekly through Twitter ( and his My Nike account (

Part of Noreaga’s aggressive workout campaign is due to a $5000 bet with fellow artist and friend Busta Rhymes, who challenged Nore to lose the poundage he’s gained and resemble the slender Noreaga seen on the cover of CNN’s classic debut War Report.

“My man Bus I’ve been telling him I’m about to go in the gym,” Nore explained. “I had fell off…I was big as a house; big, fat, and sloppy. I said I was in the gym and he said I don’t even believe you…So I said let’s make a bet. He said let’s bet $5000. So it’s on. It’s no specific weight, but I gotta be looking like the N.O.R.E. album, those old Nore pictures. The bet is on!”

At the end of September, Noreaga will update fans on exactly how much weight he’s lost.

Earlier this year, Noreaga reunited with fellow CNN member Capone to release their third studio album, Channel 10.

At press time, Noreaga is also finalizing tracks on his sixth album, S.O.R.E.