Noreaga To Have Charges Dropped


will have a drug possession charge against him dismissed if he

can stay out of trouble for the next 12 months, a New York criminal

court judge said this past Monday (Dec. 27). The decision handed

down by Judge Robert Racite comes on the heels of Noreaga's arrest

Sunday in Queens, N.Y., for allegedly smoking weed in a car with

four companions.

Noreaga pleaded not

guilty and this is what his lawyer Robert Kalina said: "Noreaga

was in the wrong place at the wrong time, in a public place, with

at least one other person doing something the law prohibits."

Police claim the men were passing a lit joint among themselves

in a new Mercedes Benz at the corner of 111th Street and 55th

Avenue, according to the formal complaint.

Police said they found

three baggies of marijuana in Noreaga's sock. "It's obvious

that five people can't hold a marijuana cigarette at the same

time," Kalina also said. Nore's case automatically will be

dismissed in a year if he isn't arrested again.