North Carolina Reverend Calls For Boycott

Durham based Rev. Paul

Scott has called for a boycott of "Gangsta Rap" music,

urging fans to demand positive rap and hip-hop that doesn't promote negative

images against African-American men and women. Scott chose Fathers day (June

16th) to start the boycott, targeting men, but is also calling on the women

who have lost sons to the lifestyle promoted by the lifestyle glamorized in

the music and images.

"We are appealing to the masses of black

people to put black power back into hip-hop, to put black consciousness into

hip-hop to counter the negativity," he told the Charlotte Observer.

Scott, who's boycott launches during the same

month that President Bush declared Black Music Month, is well known as an activist

who has boycotted Phat Boy malt liquor, "hood" films which he says

glorify black on black crime and CBS's miniseries, "Jesus," which

he said wrongfully portrayed Jesus as white.

Yesterday (June 16th), he called for radio stations

to play more socially meaningful music. "Leave the Jay-Z and the rest of

them rotting on the bargain table," he said.