Nosebleed Coud Lead To Lawsuit For Lil Kim

AllHipHop Staff

A promotional company is planning to sue rapper Lil Kim for allegedly missing six performance dates and keeping her $20,000 fee.

Abstrakt Visions Entertainment paid Lil Kim the $20k to perform a series of dates between November 7_14 in London.

According to TMZ, Lil Kim suffered a nosebleed in her hotel room before the first date, prompting her to cancel all six dates and head back to the United States.

Lil Kim's representatives admitted that the rapper suffered a nosebleed, but the reason she left the UK is because of the promoters inability to plan, because she never received a schedule.

Abstrakt Visions Entertainment is planning to sue Lil Kim to recover the $20k, which Lil Kim used to cover her travel expenses.