Notorious Shower Posse Leader Calls On Irv Gotti To Direct Movie

AllHipHop Staff

The leader of a notorious Jamaican drug gang recently sent a message to Michael S. Lynton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

In the video, Vivian Blake, former head of the notorious Shower Posse, urges the studio boss to hire The Inc.’s Irv Gotti to direct a bio-pic about the murderous gang.

Vivian Blake was the leader and head of the Jamaican gang, which authorities claim was responsible for over 1,400 drug-related murders.

Blake was the subject of an episode of American Gangster, which aired on BET and was produced by filmmaker Curtis Scoon.

Blake was originally sentenced to 28 years in prison for his role as head of the gang, but was recently returned to Jamaica, when he reached a plea deal with prosecutors after serving nine years in federal prison.

“Mr. Michael Lynton, I am glad to have this opportunity to speak to you via videotape. We want to talk to you about The Shower Posse movie,” Blake said on the videotape. “I spoke with Irv Gotti, Curtis Scoon. Irv Gotti is a young man where I think he’ll bring the best out in this movie, show the rawness of this movie. This movie’s not just about gangsta and drug dealing, it’s about a culture that nobody has ever seen. I have the utmost confidence in Irv Gotti, I know he can get the job done.”

During the 1980’s The Shower Posse controlled a drug and gunning running business that stretched from Jamaica to American cities like New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Washington, DC, Miami and others.

Blake’s organization originated in Tivoli Gardens in Kingston.

The Shower Posse smuggled tons of marijuana and cocaine from the Bahamas into the United States, using the profit to buy arms and ammunition, which was sent back to Jamaica in support of the Jamaican Labor Party.

“This movie is a winner all the way and anything raw that you need, we’re talking about things that are real, it will be in the movie, ” Blake stated. “I can make sure rawness come into the movie, because I am out of prison now.”

No word yet if or when The Shower Posse movie will land in theaters.

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