NOW HEAR THIS EXCLUSIVE: "My Drive Thru" - Pharrell, Santogold, and Julian Casablancas

Just in time for the summer, Pharrell Williams, Santi “Santogold” White and Julian Casablancas of the Strokes have come together for “My Drive Thru,” a high-tempo, bouncy groove that sounds like sunshine. The trio wanted to work together due to their mutual admiration of each other’s work, and it shows. “My Drive Thru” combines three characteristically unique artists, but not only does each of them shine in their own way, the track sounds like it would’ve been at home on any of their albums. Pharrell, Santogold and Casablancas are each known for blurring the lines of genre and influence in their own music, so it’s no surprise that their collaboration takes bits of Punk, Dance, Hip-Hop and Reggae and mixes them together to come up with something that defies categorization.This kind of collabo always has the potential to be really, really bad, but due to the talent of everyone involved, it’s totally the opposite. Check it out, and when you’re done with your dance break, remember where you heard it first.Windows Media Stream - Click HereQuicktime Stream - Click HereReal Stream - Click Here