NY Giants Embrace Jim Jones Club Anthem

Jim Jones may have found another crew to roll with other than his Dipset collective.

The Harlem lyricist says he was so happy to hear that his new song "We Fly High" was embraced by the New York Giants that he decided to remix it for his hometown team.

New York's Daily News reports that the new version of the single features lines such as "Guard your quarterback because Strahan is sacking/Defensive line, Osi is tackling/Tiki is the captain/Eli do the passing."

The revamped hook offers the following: "New York Giants fly high, you know it/Super Bowl, no lie, we focused."

"That's like flying in the sky, man," said Jones, who added that the Giants plan to play the track when they introduce the defense before their game next Sunday against the Houston Texans. "Hopefully I could be a little bit of inspiration to get them towards that Super Bowl."

The rapper discovered the Giants' love of his song when he received word that Michael "Big Baby" Strahan was doing one of the moves from the "We Fly High" video to celebrate a sack he made during a game.

"My dude calls me and was like, 'I don't know if I was dreaming or I was sleeping, but I think I just saw Strahan do your ballin' move in a game,'" Jones told the Daily News. "I said, 'No, get out of here.' Then sure enough I got to see the news clip and saw Big Baby doing it."

The move, which can be seen in the music video for "We Fly High," finds Jones making a jump shot motion after uttering the now infamous catchphrase "ballin'."

The song is the first single from the rapper's new album Hustler's P.O.M.E, which hits shelves on Nov. 7.

The Giants debuted their version of the "ballin'" declaration and action during their 19-3 win over the Washington Redskins and the following week after every big play against the Atlanta Falcons.

Despite the Harlemite's acceptance, the NFL was not pleased as it looked down on multiple players doing the move simultaneously, but not individually. Still, Jones couldn't be prouder.

"I appreciate the fellas for going ballin' with me," he said. "To get that feeling out of a song, there's no better gratification. When athletes get involved they take it to a whole new level. Plus, it's New York. I'm a New Yorker. I grew up in Harlem. So this feeling is like at the top of my day right now."