NYPD Says There Was Nothing Wrong With Top Cop's Death Threat Against 50 Cent

An internal investigation into Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez has concluded.

**(AllHipHop News)** An NYPD cop was cleared by an internal investigation, which concluded he was simply joking when he instructed his officers to kill rapper 50 Cent.

The cops launched their own investigation into Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez, who told his officers to shoot 50 on sight during roll last summer.

50 has been beefing with Inspector Gonzalez, who was accused of extorting Imran Jairam, the owner of club Lust/Love, in a $125 million lawsuit against the city.

The rapper has called Inspector Gonzalez out so many times on social media that it lead to the cop threatening to file a criminal complaint against 50 for Aggravated Harassment.

The investigation has concluded, after finding there was "no malice" behind Inspector Gonzalez' chilling threat towards 50 Cent.