O.J. Hip-Hop Reality Show?

A television network is plotting the release of a reality hip-hop show based on a series of concert appearances by O.J. ‘The Juice’ Simpson.

A Fort Worth company, Urban Television Network, and production company Spiderboy have already complied 13 episodes based on The Juice’s hip-hop concert appearances in 2001-2002.

"We've got everything done, the reality show is coming," Spiderboy founder Norman Pardo told the AP.

Attorneys for Simpson have objected to the pending show stating that the producers have not received the ex-football star’s consent nor have they worked out a financial agreement.

"He's not in a show. They can't have a reality TV show and call it the ‘O.J. Simpson TV show’ without our involvement," said Simpson's attorney Yale Galanter.

The accused (but not found guilty) killer Simpson was party to several concerts for the last two years where he appeared with the likes in Juvenile, Nore and others in support of the rap industry.

“Rap has gotten a bad rap," Simpson said in March 2002. “I know about bad raps. We are trying to bring back hip-hop to Cincinnati. Let's not do anything to spoil it.”