O.J. Simpson Dragging Rapper Meek Mill Into Cosmopolitan Lawsuit

AllHipHop Staff

The Juice is attempting to squeeze money out of The Cosmopolitan in a lawsuit, and he mentions Meek Mill in the complaint.

(AllHipHop News) O.J. Simpson is determined to go forward with his fight against The Cosmopolitan.

According to the new legal documents, Juice has evoked Meek Mill’s name in a bid to plead his case.

In the legal documents, O.J. refers to Meek as “another African American public figure” whom The Cosmopolitan defamed and then apologized because when the rap star went public.

O.J. Simpson is arguing that the hotel has a history of attacking famous personalities and defaming them and so the charges warrant a jury trial.

In the lawsuit, O.J. is also claiming that he was defamed by The Cosmopolitan hotel.

He was banned from the hotel in 2017 a few weeks after his release from prison for armed robbery.

The hotel claimed O.J. was drunk and disruptive to which he says he was falsely accused since he was not drunk or belligerent.

Concerning Meek Mill, the hotel had threatened to arrest him for trespassing in May of 2019.

The rapper accused it of going to “extreme racist levels” to prevent black entertainers from accessing it.

Later, The Cosmopolitan confessed after Meek went public. He accepted the apology and did not go for legal action.

O.J. could be awarded more money in punitive damages if the case goes to the jury.