Oakland Cops Still Have No Leads Or Arrests In The Jacka's Murder

The cops in Oakland have not been able to figure out who killed The Jacka and his friends and family are upset.

(AllHipHop News) Although it's been over two years, the death of Bay Area rapper The Jacka remains unsolved.

The Jacka was shot and killed in February 2015, by unknown attackers in East Oakland.

According to KPIX 5, police have never named a suspect or made an arrest in the murder.

Matt Werner is the CEO of Thizzler On The Roof, the label to which The Jacka was signed when he was executed.

Werner said The Jacka was a peaceful man and had no beef. He even suggested the shooting could have been an accident.

“From the stories that I’ve heard it was something that was unintentional that was a random thing that he wasn’t even targeted or anything and was in the wrong place at the wrong time," Matt Werner told KPIX 5. “And that just makes it worse.”

Nevertheless, the fact that The Jacka's killing remains unsolved has brought his family no peace, but they will continue to remember the slain rapper and keep his memory alive through the annual "Jack History Month" celebration.

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I know the guy who picked up the jacka body because he was close to his family.frisco aint no joke thats all ima say.