Oakland Protest Of Police Shooting Becomes Mini Riot (Video)

AllHipHop Staff

A peaceful rally in protest of the New Year's day shooting of Oscar Grant III at the hand of a Bay Area Rapid Transit officer turned violent yesterday (January 7).

A small group of protesters started rioting in the streets of Oakland, lighting a dumpster on fire and even attacking a police car.

According to community activist Charles Johnson, the rally started in the late afternoon and drew over 250 individuals to the transit station where the shooting occurred, all wanting to express their outrage over the way authorities have dealt with Grant's death in the week since the incident.

Local sources told AllHipHop.com that by 5:30pm, several protesters had begun to march through the city's streets.

An hour later, a small group broke off from the larger gathering and proceeded to light the dumpster fire and surround a police vehicle, rocking the car violently.

Police responded in riot gear. At press time there has been no official word of any arrests or injuries.

A group of close to 100 people continued to march peacefully, despite the commotion.

"People are fed up," Oakland rapper Mistah F.A.B., told AllHipHop.com F.A.B. also spoke at the rally and witnessed the rioting. "Why the officers [involved in the shooting] on paid leave? Why aren't they being prosecuted as murderers? "I mean, we're talking about a police officer who has five murders on his hands," he added, referring to the officer who shot Grant.

A video of the incident has brought the shooting to the nation's attention.

It shows Grant and other individuals sitting on the platform following an altercation on the train.

Dozens of passengers witnessed an exchange between Grant and one officer turn surprisingly physical.

Moments later, as some say Grant was pleading for his life in the name of his daughter, he was shot once in the back.

He died hours later.

According to the medical examiner's report upon exiting the victim's body, the bullet ricocheted off the ground and re-entered, puncturing his lung.

Sources told AllHipHop.com that Grant's family is now preparing a $25 million dollar lawsit against BART and the city of Oakland. (shooting occurs at 3:03...exclusive video with the young lady who taped this angle included)