Obama Blitz: Should Hillary Bow Out?

About two

months ago it seemed apparent that Sen. Hillary Clinton’s run for the

Democratic nomination was finished. Sen. Barack Obama led in elected delegates,

races won, and popular vote. But, as the pundits called it, she moved the goal

post further and further back. By the time the Pennsylvania primary rolled around the goal

post was in the parking lot.

So last

night, as Obama took a decisive

victory in North Carolina and Clinton squeaked by in Indiana, her refusal

to quit and face reality has a certain Bush-like quality of schizophrenia. The

Daily News’ front page today has the headline ‘Hil Needs A Miracle’ and the NY

Post proclaims ‘Toast!’ Even the entire MSNBC

crew and Matt Drudge says it’s over, but if her speech last night was any

clue to her future plans, Clinton remains committed to seeing this thing out to

what will undoubtedly be the bitter end, pleading with her supporters to send

her more money to top off her second

self-loan of 6.4 million dollars.


last night seemed to be the final nail in the coffin. With six more primaries

to go, all of which are much smaller than North Carolina

(I believe Puerto Rico is the largest in the rest of the season, with around 50

delegates to be decided), Clinton

has zero shot of over taking Obama in elected delegates and popular vote under

the Democratic rules of delegates by proportion. Not only that but it seems

that now Super delegates are rallying to Obama who, according to George

Stephanopoulos, are ready to come over ‘three, four, five at a time’.


though the story of last night, and ultimately, this Democratic nominating

season is that, as Andrew Sullivan pointed

out, the end of the Clintons

came at the hands of black voters. While Hillary just narrowly picked up Indiana, Obama’s huge

victory in NC is what shut the door for his opponent and that couldn’t have

been possible save for the commanding turn out of black voters there. By the

numbers blacks routed Clinton, giving Obama 91

percent of their vote compared to 6 percent for Clinton. Add that to the fact that whites

voted by a much smaller margin for Clinton—59 to 36—and what you get is blacks,

in a rare, rare event actually deciding on the Democratic nominee for President

and maybe the President of the United States.


Obama historically had black support, but I think that Hillary’s complete lack

of respect for blacks as shown in her interview with

O’Reilly really brought out the black vote for Obama and on this end she

tactically shot herself in the foot. Among all of the mistakes that a person

makes, it’s always the last one that hurts the most and this time she’s going

to look back and realize that when she gave away the black vote to Obama in NC,

when she completely ignored that part of the Democratic constituency, she set

herself up to lose. It’s a poetic end to what has been a miserably racially

polarizing race. Hopefully we’ll get something of more substance in the general

election…but then again, don’t bet on it.

Things to

look forward to: Hillary may not exit the race but she will begin to dissolve

into obscurity as the media looks forward to the McCain-Obama match up and she

hemorrhages money. She might attempt to stay in till the convention but Obama

should take the remaining primaries simply because he’ll be able to outspend

her. By the end of next week Obama will take the lead in Super delegates.Here's a look at how some of your favorite entertainers view the primary race

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