Obama Taps Chance the Rapper To Curate Inaugural Summit

AllHipHop Staff

The Obama's are leaving the music for their debut summit to Chance the Rapper.

(AllHipHop News) Chance the Rapper will do more than just perform at the Obama Foundation Summit's kickoff event.

In addition to a show from Chance, the Obamas selected Gloria Estefan and The National to headline the musical portion of the evening.

According to reports, Chance has been handpicked by the Obamas to curate the entire evening's entertainment.

"It’s such an honor to be able to help creatively direct this show," Chance the Rapper said. "That’s because I am blessed to be part of a generation with an inherent sense of self.

"One that is inspired not just to talk about what needs to be changed — but get up and change it," Chance concluded.

Political and civic leaders from around the world are gathering in Chicago tomorrow (October 31st) and Wednesday (November 1st) for the first ever Obama Foundation Summit, which is meant to spark dialogue and foster change in countries around the world.

Guest speakers include Prince Henry of Wales, Matteo Renzi, Former Prime Minister of Italy, Whitney Kimball Coe, Director of the National Rural Assembly, Hamdi Ulukaya, humanitarian and Founder of Chobani and others.