Obama The Anti-Christ? It's a C-O-N-spiracy

AllHipHop Staff

Perhaps I'm not surfing the dark corners of the Internet closely enough, but I haven't come across any amazing conspiracy theories in a while. I'm sure paranoid people are still out there telling anyone who will listen that Prez Obama is the anti-Christ, the government flushed drugs into the hood (are they still doing it? if so why wouldn't they make weed legal so that they can make more money off it?) and America, Mexico and Canada are looking to become a unified state (with all the drug wars going on in Mexico...I'll pass).

I'm sure there are more than enough conspiracies out there regarding our government to scare the crap out of even the biggest critics. Thanks to Youtube.com I did some research and was able to find some conspiracies for your viewing pleasure. For the record, I'm not stating that these are true but they are making statements that make you go "Hmmm."

What are some theories you've come across?

- CH

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