Obie Trice Apologizes For Epic Rant Against All Gay People Then Deletes It

The Detroit rap star trashed the LGBTQ community, but he's kind of sorry for it.

(AllHipHop News) Obie Trice had some seriously harsh words towards the LGBT community during a recent show and now the rapper is back peddling.

Detroit rapper Obie Trice let his thoughts on the LGBTQ community be known during a show in Ontario, Canada.

Over in the United States, a controversy involving the LGBT community has been making headlines, after old homophobic jokes by Kevin Hart surfaced.

The comedian stepped down from a high profile gig hosting the Oscars, over criticism of his past routines poking fun at gay people.

Obie Trice weighed in on the matter of sexuality in general, during his performance.

“I could have a conversation with you but I don’t fuck with what you do,” he continued. “P##sy only. P##sy only. And listen, you men that changed your body to be women, you can never be a motherf##king woman. But we supposed to respect gay and they took my man Kevin Hart. [He] had to duck down [and] get off the Oscars because of this. All he wanted to do was the mothaf##king Oscars.”

The rap star received massive backlash for the comments, and he issued an apology, which he has since deleted.

"First of all, I want to apologize to anyone I offended out there, I understand the different perspectives and not wanting to be called any slurs. I'm a hip-hop artist and everything can't be taken so seriously," Obie Trice said. "I didn't say anything last night to purposely offend anybody. I have no bias towards the LGBTQ community...the gay people I know we bullshit like that with it, that's how we talk."

Take a look at the shocking rant below: