Obie Trice Sues After Getting Beaten & Maced By Crazed Security Guard

AllHipHop Staff

Obie Trice is seeking money after he was beaten up by security guards a hotel in Detroit.

(AllHipHop News) Detroit rapper Obie Trice is heading to court, alleging that he was beaten up by a security guard at a hotel.

Obie filed a lawsuit against a Marriott in Detroit, alleging security guards with G4S Security attacked him because they did not believe he was staying in the hotel.

The incident began in April of 2016 at the Renaissance Center, when Obie was checking into the Marriott with a female companion.

She went to use the restroom, and when Obie, who had not booked a room yet, went to the concierge to check prices G4S Security guards followed him and a confrontation ensued.

Obie claims he was brutally attacked by the hotel's security and was battered and maced in the fight.

"To make matters worse, while plaintiff was handcuffed, defendants choked plaintiff by pouring water all over his nose and mouth," the lawsuit asserts.

Obie Trice is suing the Marriott and G4S Security for negligent hiring, negligent infliction of emotional distress, false arrest and false imprisonment.

The rapper is seeking no less than $25,000 in damages.