Octavia Spencer & Queen Latifah Star In Movie About Taboo Interracial Affair

Queen Latifah has another role under her belt with this upcoming flick.

(AllHipHop News) Octavia Spencer and Queen Latifah are teaming up to revisit a headline-grabbing 1925 divorce trial in the movie adaptation of William Kinsolving's upcoming book, "The Rhinelander Affair."

The New York case involved a man from an upper-class family, Leonard Rhinelander, who secretly married a bi-racial, working-class woman, Alice Jones, against his family's wishes.

Spencer and Queen Latifah, real name Dana Owens, are among the producers of the film.

The marriage and the scandal hit headlines almost a century ago when members of Rhinelander's family accused Jones of duping Leonard into marrying her by hiding the fact she was bi-racial.

During the trial, Alice Rhinelander was forced to strip in front of the all-white, all-male jury to prove she wasn't "a Negro", according to Deadline.

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