ODB Changes Name To Dirt McGirt

Ol’ Dirt Dog has done it again. ODB, the charismatic and often troubled member of Wu Tang has changed his name again – this time to Dirt McGirt ODB. The rapper has assumed a variety of monikers including the infamous Big Baby Jesus to Ason to God Unique to Joe Bananas to Osiris.

“He’s changed his name to Dirt McGirt ODB. He just feels that he’s coming out and its time to start over and take the world by storm,” Dirty’s manager Jared Weisfeld told AllHipHop.com. “He’s going to be Ol’ Dirty Businessman now. you are going to see more of ODB than ever.”

Dirty was recently released from an upstate prison and now reportedly resides in a psychiatric facility, but Weisfeld wouldn’t confirm where the rapper was staying.

With the recent announcement of a new clothing line (Dirt McGirt) and accompanying underwear line (Ol' Dirty Drawers), Weisfeld maintained that his client has altered his state of mind as well as his name.

“Dirty is ready to come back, he’s matured a lot. He’s looking forward. He’s never not been fit to be in the public,” he maintained. “He is not schizophrenic. He’s excited and wants to get it on.”

“He’s had a lot of time to think in prison. He wants to do everything from movies to clothing. He wants to do everything,” he maintained.

Finally, budding journalists would be able to talk to the newly appointed Dirt McGirt emptying their pockets.

“He’s not going charge like he used to [for interviews]”

Weisfeld insisted that Dirty would be back in free world before July, refuted previous notions, but wouldn’t be able to confirm the rapper’s actual date of release from the NY State facility where he currently resides.