Oddisee Talks Producing Unreleased J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar Song (VIDEO)

Many Hip Hop fans have been waiting for the rumored J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar collaborative project for years.

(AllHipHop News) While Cole rapped on his loose record “Black Friday” that the K. Dot joint mixtape would never drop, there is an old song with both emcees that may never see the light of day either.

Washington, DC rapper/producer Oddisee spent time recording with Cole, and one of those tracks eventually featured an appearance by Kendrick as well. The Diamond District member spoke with Tim Westwood about the Oddisee/J. Cole/Kendrick Lamar collaboration that has been confined to the vault for now.

“Everybody keeps talking about that record,” admitted Oddisee. “They’re doing fine without that record. I’m doing fine. It does exist.”

Westwood then jokingly asked if Oddisee felt the two platinum selling artists were “cock blocking” his career. The Mellow Music Group signee explained he first met Cole in London. But after they connected again in DC around 2012, Cole chose not to use Oddisee’s production for the project he was working on.

“[J. Cole] had an interview were he said, ‘I’ve decided to produce the record myself and not use outside production,'” added Oddisee. “I pretty much haven’t heard from him since. That’s it. That’s the truth.”

Oddisee went on to say he understood Cole’s decision to only use self-produced beats. His own discography includes projects such as People Hear What They See and The Good Fight that feature Oddisee’s production. The latter LP was one of the best reviewed Hip Hop albums of 2015.

Watch Oddisee’s interview below.