Of Lil Boosie And The New KKK

The following editorial was written by Silky Slim, a former gang banger than had seen the way violence has ravaged his hometown of Baton Rouge. Now, Silky speaks on the situation with Lil Boosie, who has recently been accused of hiring hit men to kill on his behalf. The contents of this editorial don't necessarily reflect the views and opinions of AllHipHop.com. Read on.

At We Shoot First Films, we stand firm on delivering productions to the vast majority that is based on truth. We focus on the current situations that affect the communities that we live in everyday. Our mission is simple "STOP THE KILLING!" The first documentary "To Live and Die In America" was a work inspired by GOD to prevent youth from killing one another and spending a life behind bars. "To Live and Die In America" is a wake up call. We must face the heart gripping reality of the loss of love for one self as well as the loss of compassion for humanity. Something must done about this immediately. We are infested with the modern day KKK! Sounds familiar right? Well let me elaborate. It is the RISE of KIDS KILLING KIDS!

In the past few months, our news in Louisiana as well as across America as been covering the rise and demise of Torrence "Lil Boosie" Hatch and his affiliates or should we say his so called hit squad. The media has portrayed Lil Boosie and his crew as the new American GangStars. This is as far fetched from the truth as it gets. Even as sad as it sounds the youth that look up to him will get the wrong message. There are many youth that feel they can relate to him and idolize what he displays, because of the lack of self-respect and improper teachings. I know this because I was a product as well. I ran these slave making streets for 22 years of my life mad at the world, doing things without thinking or feeling. I suppressed the feelings of my own lack of knowledge, and became a product of my environment, as we like to call it. I watched many people die. I did a lot of unpleasant things in the sight of my Creator. I was ashamed of what I had become, but God still saved me for this divine purpose. I didn't understand that if I loved my self as GOD loves us, and knew that I was worthy of great things, I would then be capable of doing great things.

Everyone was in awe when the ages of Lil Boosie alleged hit squad was mentioned. How do you explain or ignore youths killing at the age of 16 and sometimes younger? One of the accused killers, Marlo Mike is now 17, but is alleged to have started his streak at the age of 15 for pocket change. We are living in an age marked by violence and senseless killings. Our youth are lost and in dire need of direction. Poison is being fed to them from the "devilvision" and other sources of media that they strongly rely on daily. The family structure has been torn down. We have to get back to basics. Self-reflection is the beginning. It takes a strong person to look at the man in the mirror. They must realize that what they hate in others often starts with what they hate in themselves. They have to know that they are examples of greatness. They have want it..breathe it..feel it in their veins. I am by no means perfect, but I know there is a better way...GOD! If he saved me think of what he too can do for them.

We at We Shoot First Films, in some miraculous manner, managed to catch most of this senseless killing on film and place you face to face with the victims of this madness. We have interviews of some before they were soon faced with death. You will hear the last words of some victims and what they were experiencing while waiting on death to come for them. You will also experience the ripple effect this epidemic has on the families of both sides of the killings that are left behind. "To Live and Die In Amerikka" is a one of a kind documentary and is likely to be the last of this magnitude. Please join Stop The Killing, Inc. on this journey to empower our youth as well as our communities.