Officer Cleared Of Assaulting Game In NC, Arrest Warrant Issued For Rapper

An off-duty Greensboro,

N.C., police officer has been cleared of any wrong doing after an altercation

with rapper The Game in a shopping mall last year.

Officers said The

Game, born Jayceon Taylor, was in the mall on Oct. 28 wearing a Halloween mask.

He refused repeated

requests by mall security to remove the mask and leave the mall, police said.

Three off-duty Greensboro Police Department officers were called in for support.

As the altercation

escalated, one officer pepper-sprayed Game and eight associates who surrounded

the officer as he attempted to arrest the rapper.

Game denied the

charges minutes after the fracas ensued.

"They thought

I was Rodney King," Game said. "I would play the racial card but we've

done that too much. I'm here for the concert and signing a little girl's autograph

got me arrested."

The Internal Affairs

division of the Greensboro Police Department vindicated the officer in question,

who was not named due to state privacy laws.

Game was in the

area to perform as part of Winston-Salem State University's 2005 Homecoming.

The incident was

filmed, widely rebroadcast on the Internet and is included in Game's Stop

Snitchin/Stop Lyin DVD.

Game never returned

police requests to be interviewed and the rapper missed a March 28 court date

for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The rapper is now

a wanted man in North Carolina.

Authorities have

issued Game an arrest warrant for missing a March 28 court date to answer the

charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.