Officials Cancel Clipse Concert, Citing 'Gang Symbol'

Officials in Plainfield, NJ canceled a sold out

Clipse concert tonight (Feb. 28), citing security issues.

City officials claimed that the Star Trek inspired

"V" hand sign on fliers promoting the show was a actually a gang symbol.

"The symbol is about always being on some

next level sh*t," group member Malice told "It has

nothing to do with gangs. If anything its about hope and inspiration."

The show was promoted by Touch The Sky Entertainment

and was to take place at The Strand.

Representatives for the promoter could not be

reached at press time to determine if fans would receive refunds.

"It's just another way for people to shut

down hip hop. If they know anything about the Clipse they know they are not

gang related," Malice continued.

"The government shutting this show down

is the backlash of all the negative O'Reilly press," said Jesse Kirshbaum,

Vice President of American Talent Agency, Clipse's booking agency. "This

negative buzz now costs the promoter money and it was a sold out show."

City officials for Plainfield, New Jersey were

not available for comment at press time.