Offset Accused Of Owing For Jewelry - Again

AllHipHop Staff

A company in Los Angeles says Offset owes some big loot for his bling.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Offset is being accused of making off with jewels from a jeweler in Los Angeles.

According to, Extraordinary Jewels Beverly Hills is suing The Migos group member, claiming he copped $110,000 worth of jewels.

He paid $63,000 on the spot and left the store with the jewelry and a balance of $47,000, which was to be paid within seven days.

The balance was supposed to be paid in full in early December, but Extraordinary Jewels claims they have not received their payment yet.

This is the second time Offset has been accused of screwing over his jeweler this year.

In September, Guven’s Fine Jewelry socked Offset with a lawsuit claiming he failed to pay them for $400,000 worth of jewelry.

Offset's debt is most likely an oversight since the rapper just copped a $5 million house in Atlanta with his wife Cardi B.